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About Cara Lindell

When Cara Lindell turned 41, she set out to better align her career and personal interests. She had a successful career in the energy field but felt called to be involved with something more personal and compassionate. She also began to figure out that her mother, who had died at age 56, most likely had osteoporosis. Wanting to adopt potential preventive measures led her to fitness workouts with weights which she enjoyed. However, she wondered why so many women were afraid of strength training given the myriad health benefits.

Integrating her interest in helping people with her passion concerning health and wellness, Cara started Fully Fit Lifestyles, Inc. in 2002. Beginning with personal training, she progressed into a tighter focus on coordination and balance. She opened the Park Ridge, IL studio in 2004.

Her work with children began in 2005 and the Kinetic Konnections’ program evolved from this. Kinetic Bridging principles began to emerge in 2006 and Cara continues to develop and refine them.

Cara lives in the Chicago area with her two sons and can be found on the local bike trails aspiring to be a runner in the summer, or snow shoeing in the winter.

Cara’s journey has led her in new directions where her analytical and business skills play a key role in new initiatives.

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