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The Kinetic Bridging Method is the process used to identify and connect essential neuromuscular stability patterns. These essential patterns result in predictable, long-lasting changes in coordination, sensory processing and cognitive processing read more...

Kinetic Bridging Training Classes

class icon Kinetic Bridging Workshop for Parents and Teacher An introduction to Kinetic Bridging concepts and essential stability patterns. The goal of this workshop is to provide a more detailed understanding of how and why Kinetic Bridging works. The workshop will includes hands-on practice time for parents to learn the basics of finger stability to use with their children at home. Daily finger stabilization work is especially important for children who have significant developmental gaps. Read more...

class icon Introduction: Method Overview, Developmental Stability Patterns, Applications This module lays the foundation for understanding Kinetic Bridging and how to apply it to your clients and patients. In this session we cover the background of how Kinetic Bridging was developed by Cara Lindell, establish a common framework of terminology and the scientific basis for future modules, including the neuroscience, kinesiology and biomechanical principles. The first application, thumb stability, will be discussed, including demonstration and practice time. Read more...

class icon Module 1: Basic Stability Patterns of the Upper & Lower Body We learn the basic stability patterns throughout the body and how they develop from birth. We will learn how fundamental patterns enable higher level patterns. The essential stabilization patterns in the upper body and lower body, including the sequence of development will be covered. There will be ample demonstration and practice time to ensure you are capable of assessing and connecting the basic stability patterns throughout the body. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Two (2) Practical Review Sessions are included when registering for this module. Read more...

Articles and Information

How Kinetic Bridging was developed - Initially the work with children revolved around coordination. Over time, specific correlations were observed linking neuromuscular function to cognitive and sensory functions. These common threads led to understanding how neuromuscular stability played a pivotal role among all of these pieces.” The Kinetic Konnections® program was born which uses Kinetic Bridging to obtain results.

Why Kinetic Bridging changes last - Kinetic Bridging identifies and connects essential neuromuscular stabilization patterns in the manner they should have developed from birth. We guide the body to connect these patterns all by itself by identifying the patterns already present then building from these to establish the missing pieces.

How Kinetic Bridging impacts missed development stages - We commonly read about milestones for motor skills in infant and toddler development. What we may not realize is each of these motor skills depends upon precursor stability patterns. The reason a child may not crawl is because many of the building blocks involved in crawling did not develop. Spending more time practicing crawling will not build these prerequisite skills either.

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